Helping you stay well

During your time in treatment with Inclusion Thurrock we will help and support you to develop  coping strategies and ways of dealing with every-day-life moving forward.  After your contact with our services ends, there are some really good tips with ensuring you look after your mental health and wellbeing. Click the following section you think best describes you…

I’ve finished therapy -what now?

IT - im finished road

If you’re feeling happier and confident and your life looks positive, now is the time to make sure you make your new strategies a habit, and use your confidence and positivity to take your life in the direction that you want.

Things feel difficult again…


If you’re noticing more lapses and more difficulties emerging, its time to take action and prevent a relapse taking hold.

Overwhelmed, helpless, stuck…


A relapse is when your problems feel insurmountable, you can’t remember how to change things, or you have no energy to try to improve things. It might be time to reach out for more help.