Our approach

Talking therapy is not supposed to be something which is ‘done to you’. This is a value we hold central to our approach which focusses on effective treatment underpinned by  listening, working together and involving you to improve your sense of wellbeing and everyday functioning.
With this is mind, we hope to explain in a bit more detail about the different types of talking treatments currently used within our service, and what other choices and flexibility around venues and appointment times are available for you to consider. All our therapists work together in a coordinated way within something called a stepped care model. This approach to talking therapies is recommended in NICE guidelines for the treatment of anxiety, depression and other common mental health problems. Visit the stepped care model page to find out more.

What happens after referral?

Our initial telephone assessment provides you with the opportunity to give us some brief information about your current concerns so that we can make a joint decision with you about the best way forward with your treatment.

We provide our face to face therapy in over many locations across Thurrock, and our aim is to provide the help you need in convenient locations within easy reach of where you live or work.

Online support

During the coronavirus pandemic we are providing much of our one-to-one and group therapy via secure, online platforms. This allows a simple, ease of access into therapy with us. We work late evenings to accommodate those who are unable to take time away from other commitments.

We get really positive feedback about peoples experience of working with us, and we think this is attributable to living our values, putting those we work with first, and at the centre of everything we do. We encourage feedback from everyone that has contact with our service, as this allows us to build and make changes when feedback suggests we haven’t got it right, and also shape our service and offer around what people like and find beneficial. See more of our feedback below.