What is it?

Anxiety is a sense of fear, nervousness or worry about one or many things.

What does it feel like?

You may spend a lot of time thinking about the future or the past, and what could, or has gone wrong. You may believe you have little or no power to stop worrying about these things. This can be accompanied by feeling irritable, restless, having issues with concentration, poor sleep and tension in your body. You may spend a lot of time planning things, or avoiding them entirely, as an attempt to ease the worries. Anxiety is a general term, and is often used to mean many different types of anxiety problem.  

Potential therapy options

Since anxiety is an umbrella term, it’s important that we determine what type of anxiety problem you might be experiencing.  We usually do this with you during your initial assessment.  Sometimes, it’s a bit more difficult to determine and we may suggest that a general approach like our Stress & Mood Management course may be the most helpful.  The evidence on treating anxiety disorders tends to suggest that an approach based on cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) is usually the most successful.

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