Self – Help Resources

You can find a huge amount of information about mental health and wellbeing topics online, in good bookshops and in your local library.

So much so, that there’s far too much for us to include here… but we’ve made a start, and put together some regularly used resources and websites in the following section.

Below you’ll find a selection of websites that link to TV and Radio Programmes, interactive learning tools, NHS information videos and national campaigns working to improve awareness and reduce stigma surrounding mental health.

If you’re looking to find out more about your own mental health or that of someone close to you then give them a try today.

Useful websites

Find BBC litsings for Health & Wellbeing Programmes on Radio, TV and iPlayer

BBC Health & Wellbeing Programmes

Search BBC resources on Emotional / Mental Health

BBC pages on emotional & mental health

Visit the Mental Health pages on the NHS Choices Website for News, Videos and in-depth information & guidance

Mental Health pages on NHS Choices

Track your ups and downs on a graph with moodscope – watch the video to find out how it works


Order materials, find events near you and see the latest work by England’s most ambitious programme to end mental health discrimination

Time to Change

Take a look at The Stress Test on BBC Lab UK…

BBC Lab UK Stress Test

Self-help booklets

Please click here for useful downloadable booklets

Glasgow steps Self-help Guides

Glasgow Steps is an innovative Primary Care mental health and wellbeing website focusing on CBT approaches to improving common mental health difficulties.

Their website provides information, assessment tools and a broad range of self-help materials.

A selection of Self-help guides can be downloaded from here, or requested from your Practitioner.





Coping with Trauma

Health Anxiety


OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

Panic Attacks


Self Esteem