Recovery College

What is the Recovery College?

The Recovery College is a partnership between Inclusion Thurrock – part of the NHS, Thurrock Mind – a charity with a proud tradition of helping those experiencing difficulties with their mental health, and finally the students of the college.

Together, we will be introducing an exciting new service for Thurrock that is free, confidential and about you, Thurrock’s communities and residents. The Recovery College is about providing educational courses across Thurrock that help us to learn what gives us the best chance of staying well and living the most fulfilling lives we can. This will particularly assist those who have experienced low mood or depression but is available to all, the Recovery College is about helping everybody to stay well, regardless if you have had support or in the past. It is also for those of us who could do with some information to help us keep well, possibly due to the everyday stresses and strains of life.

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Current Recovery College Courses
Picture of Well-being

This course looks at using photography as a tool that can help support, develop and build on one’s personal well-being. As well as general photography hints and tips, it will also include ideas specifically aimed at helping with mental health issues.

4 weeks of daytime 3 hour sessions

Hope and Wellbeing

This course aims to promote hope and recovery through a creative and interactive opportunity to explore your strengths, values and aspirations.

Workshop: Daytime

Your Health, Your Life –  A course for those helping others

A self-management course for anyone giving help and support to a relative or friend, who is ill, disabled, elderly or in need of emotional support. It will help us to re-look at our caring role and show us skills and tips on how to help improve our own health and well-being.

Download the information sheet here.

6 weeks  of daytime 3 hour sessions

Communicating with Confidence

This course aims to help you improve your confidence when communication. It covers understanding confidence, how our behaviour and thinking can affect our confidence, the role of body language, and practical strategies to be confident in social situations.

4 weeks of daytime 3 hour sessions

Understanding Depression

The aim of the course is to explore the facts and realities of depression, how it is diagnosed, treated and a few tips on how we can manage it or support someone we care about.

Workshops: Daytime

Understanding Anxiety

The aim of this course is to explore the facts and realities about anxiety, making a distinction between stress, common anxiety and anxiety disorders.

Workshops: Daytime

Discovering Mindfulness

Are you curious about Mindfulness? In this introductory course we will discover more about what mindfulness is, how it can help, what techniques form part of mindfulness practices and where you can go for more.

Workshops: Daytime

Food & Mood

The aim of this introductory course is to increase our awareness of how our diet affects our energy levels, mood and daily lives.

Workshop: Daytime