Gaining control

On this page, we aim to introduce the common mental health problems we can provide help and treatment for – and to encourage you to find out more information and seek help if you’re concerened about your own mental wellbeing. So read on…

“I phoned in sick again today. Not sure how much longer they’ll put up with this, but just the thought of going into that place floods me with anxiety. I could hear my heart beating and feeling breathless was scary. I drank too much again last night, and I know that’s not the answer.”

“I don’t know why I keep shouting at the children for no apparent reason. They don’t deserve me right now and the guilt feels just like another weight to carry around. My energy has gone and I’ve been feeling very low and helpless for ages. I’ve been waiting to snap out of it and it’s just not happening.”

“Sleep? What does that mean? I’m exhausted and have been all day, but the moment my head hits the pillow my mind will go into overdrive. There’s so much in there, it’s a constant spin and I can’t make it stop.”

Do you recognise any of those quotes?

If you did, then you are not alone!

These difficulties and feelings of distress affect many people at some point in their lives and they are more common than you may be thinking.

There is hope, and there are things you can do to gain back a sense of control and to feel more like your old self again.

By visiting our website today, you may already have taken the first step to helping yourself or someone close to you, so please read on to find our more information on the help available to you.