Stepped Care Model

Stepped Care Model
Inclusion Thurrock provides NICE approved talking therapies at Steps 2 and 3 within a Stepped Care Model.

Stepped care aims to provide the ‘least intrusive’ form of therapy first and is often referred to as the ‘lowest dose’.

In practical terms this means most people will enter our service for treatment at Step 2 for a brief course of treatment with a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner.

Depending on the severity and nature of a person’s condition they may be ‘stepped up’ to receive more intensive treatment over a greater number of sessions, or may enter treatment directly at Step 3.

There are different factors that will affect the number of sessions offered at Step 3.   At the start of treatment, your therapist will work with you to assess your problems and will regularly review your treatment to ensure that you are receiving the right treatment at the right Step.

The diagram below provides a further explanation of the Stepped Care approach to psychological therapies in primary care settings.

Stepped Care Diagram

IT - stepped care model