• I was really worried I would have to sit and talk about my problems – but I didn’t have to, it was great!

    - Service User

The Stress and Mood Management programme is a package of treatments, covering a range of topics, written specifically to develop your understanding of your problems while helping grow your own skills for improving and overcoming those difficulties.  It is a great option for those people who are motivated to learn techniques to overcome their issues and put them into practice. 

What does the course cover?

Introduction: what you can expect from the course and a general overview of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and how we use it. The first session follows immediately after this introduction.

Managing Anxiety and Panic: develop a better understanding of anxiety and panic, its signs and symptoms and helpful, proven strategies to effectively manage anxiety.

Coping With Stress and Worry: understand the signs, plus evidence-based interventions for managing stress and worry.

Balanced Lifestyles: the importance of a balanced lifestyle and small changes you can make right away – activity
and exercise, food and mood, rest and relaxation, and improving sleep.

Overcoming Low Mood and Depression: how depression may develop and how to recognise the signs; plus proven treatments for overcoming depression. Building Self-Esteem: often problematic for many people, explore what self-esteem means, how to develop self-acceptance and improve communication to help build healthier self-esteem.

Dealing with Difficult Thoughts: how struggling with difficult thoughts can worsen how we feel and how to use alternative ways of responding. We introduce mindfulness and ways to help improve the relationship between our thoughts and feelings.